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corporate governance

i am looking for something and still haven’t found what i’m looking for. 

Possibility:  separating mgmt/director compensation/reward with stock price.  This means rearranging wall street priorities.  Mold can take over a mushroom culture in a day or two, thus, so can wall street be innoculated with another way of doing things–and the change can be as rapid as mold on mushrooms.  In Undergraduate education, economics is taught unipolar — e.g. money…but in Law School, economics discourse merges human/ecology rights with $$$.    We probably need to get a mini-course in Law/Governance/Human Rights into undergrad education.

Without a vision, the people perish, says the Talmud.

Source: Sustainable Corporations 2013 Conference in Oslo– Youtube.


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In My Father’s House are many Community Spaces

By showing a kids movie to an organization that is principally populated by educated adults is a novel action.

By bringing a speaker who discusses real issues happening in our own backyard when the movie is simplistic and generalizing creates a healthy tension that demands synergizing different parts of the brain.

Creating community spaces and breaking down well-trodden walls is a thankless task, but necessary to avoid hyper-organizational compartmentalization (divide and conquer).

What Jesus didn’t say when speaking about heaven, when he said, “In my Father’s house are many rooms/mansins” is this important detail:  “But there are some awesome shared community spaces that you just don’t want to miss–they are to die for.”

So, let’s assume that in heaven there are some awesome community spaces for breaking down external and internal walls–to make us more creative, yet effective — and robust/resilient as a social species and earth steward.  So, then, let’s create heaven on earth.

…or perhaps you have a better idea…?


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Unfiltered observations

The idea is to have a place to post ideas that can then be linked to social media sites.  This allows for leveraging social media without being bogged down by it.

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